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How wonderful! He’s popped the question and you’re engaged to be married!

Congratulations as you take your first steps into your happy future together.

You’re going to be busy over the next few months but don’t panic. There are masses of wedding planning tools out there to help you through every step of the way. If you decide to use a professional wedding planner that’s fine but if you’ve got some time, then plan your wedding yourself and make it a day that’s very personal to you.

The most important thing to do before you start is to set a realistic budget. Work out with your fiancé exactly what you can afford, find out if your parents are happy to contribute and go from there. You really don’t want to start off on married life together with credit card debts and a huge loan to pay for your wedding – family and friends come to your wedding because they love you and want to share your special day with you, not because they want to be impressed.



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blossom pink bridesmaid dresses
February 8, 2016

Blossom Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted by Emma in:
Bridesmaids dresses, Wedding Accessories

You might have seen the divine artificial cherry blossom trees that you can hire for your wedding reception from Crescent Moon; so I thought I’d better show you some of the heavenly blossom pink bridesmaid dresses that you could have as well! Blossom pink is such a gorgeous colour; darker than blush and yet as easy on the eye and eternally pretty, it is sits well by itself or can be combined with other colours for an equally as lovely effect.

In the photo above, the lovely bride has chosen to keep it simple and elegant by choosing gorgeous white and blossom-pink bouquets with just a touch of blush and ivory for added interest from Holly’s Wedding Flowers. The soft grey of the groom’s suit adds to the overall effect of easy, delicate beauty.

Blossom Pink bridesmaid dresses

I love the way that Holly has incorporated some of the other natural colours from the blossom trees into the bridal flowers and it’s something that you might want to do with the bridesmaid dresses themselves. Some of the fabulous Alfred Sung gowns from Dessy allow you to do just that as you can see from the image above. From the left I have selected Blossom pink bridesmaid dresses in style D699 with Ivory bodice, style D678 all in Blossom and style D723 with Mojito bodice. I think that the latter is particularly eye-catching.

As the bride, you could also think about including some blossom into your headpiece, as Holly has done here with these fabulous silk flowers:

blossom pink bridesmaid dresses

Doesn’t that look beautiful?

And of course, the joy of using silk flowers to recreate something as fragile as cherry blossom is that you aren’t beholden to the vagaries of the seasons or the winds; just as well given the continuous storms hitting the UK this year so far! Happy planning.

love it

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