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How wonderful! He’s popped the question and you’re engaged to be married!

Congratulations as you take your first steps into your happy future together.

You’re going to be busy over the next few months but don’t panic. There are masses of wedding planning tools out there to help you through every step of the way. If you decide to use a professional wedding planner that’s fine but if you’ve got some time, then plan your wedding yourself and make it a day that’s very personal to you.

The most important thing to do before you start is to set a realistic budget. Work out with your fiancé exactly what you can afford, find out if your parents are happy to contribute and go from there. You really don’t want to start off on married life together with credit card debts and a huge loan to pay for your wedding – family and friends come to your wedding because they love you and want to share your special day with you, not because they want to be impressed.



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Drinks at weddings
November 12, 2012

Don’t fancy formal? Serve delicious bowl food at your wedding …

Posted by Emma in:
Wedding Ideas, Wedding Planning

Some trends are just set to make a bride’s life so much easier.  And in my opinion, the increasing trend for bowl food is just one of them.

Why Bowl Food Is The Perfect Recipe

Salad bowl food Just think about it – you’re entertaining say, 150 guests and you’re stressing over vegetarians, vegans, yeast intolerances, kids, costings … In fact getting the menu right for your formal sit down dinner is starting to give you nightmares.

Enough already.  Get thinking about bowl food.

You can still have seated tables – but your guests can browse along a buffet of a selection of bowl food – or have it handed around to them by attentive waiting staff. Or food stalls can be set up …

What you serve is entirely up to you – to suit your tastes and budget.

You could have a bit of Asian fusion – noodles, sushi.  Tagines. Salads. Or maybe go a bit more trad with mini fish and chips, mini burgers, mini roast beef and Yorkshire puddings.

Have a few soups to sip – a consommé maybe?

Here are some caterers with some great ideas on bowl food  I’ve discovered .. Blue Strawberry, PenniBlack, GingerJar, Bloomsbury Ballroom.

Says Terry Pullen of The Bloomsbury Ballroom , “Bowl food is a great option when you want to follow a theme… it also gets people chatting …”

Browse through a few menus and start pondering what you’d like to offer … then start talking to your caterers about  options, budgets and ideas.

Photo credits:  All images via Blue Strawberry except for mini cornets by Emilia Jane photography and apple tarts/macaroons via The Knot.


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